AKC Black & Tan Male
Date of Birth: 1-4-11

Hunter SOLD 1-21-11
Thanks to
Beverly Teagle of
Taos, NM
I can't say enough about Hunter (as all my friends know). He has the best disposition of any dog I have ever met.  He is handsome, kind, loving, smart and just perfect. Even our vet calls him the perfect Shepherd.
He is great with our three little dogs and with the 2 young Shepherds next dog.  I try to take him for a walk almost every weekend on the 
Taos Plaza which in the summer is full of tourist.  People are so enamored by him I have started carrying Sharon's business cards with 
me.  He loves people, strangers, children, other dogs - big or little. 

Don't know about cats.  He is not a barker.  He only barks when someone he doesn't know comes to the door or when he wants one of the Westies to play with him.  What more can I say?                                                    Rec  8-17-11
AKC Black & Tan Female
Date of Birth: 7-1-2010

Sold 8-27-10
Went to a good home in
Rhodes Family
in Skiatook, OK

Hello Laura,

Wanted to give you an update on Chloe now that we have had her a month.  She got her last shots today...she weighed 10.8 lbs.  Both ears are standing up now...she is soooo beautiful and smart.  Chloe is the smartest one in puppy class, as well as being the youngest...she outshines them all.  She has a new friend in puppy class, a 14 wk. old Labardoodle named Oliver.  They are best buds and love to wrestle with each other.  Chloe is not shy around the older, bigger puppies either.

She likes to eat corn, dirt, bugs, and birds if she can get ahold of them. Thanks for such special puppy.
                                                    Cammie                              9-25-10
Hello Laura,

Just wanted to let you know that Chloe completed / passed the Beginning Obedience class on March 16th.  We have now started the Novice I Obedience class.  I hope to enter her in a Obedience Trial this summer. 

She also passed the AKC Canine Good Citizenship test on March 19th.  This is the first requirement for Chloe to be able to enter the Paw Pals (therapy dog) program.  She loves people and is not fearful around wheelchairs or other medical equipment.  However, I will wait to start until she is a more emotionally mature.  I consider this a ministry, and I look forward to participating in it with Chloe.

Enjoy the photos...I think she looks like Glory.           Cammie          4-16-11
AKC Registered Male
Black &  Tan
Date of Birth 6-4-09
Able is the official Checotah Nursing Center Therapy dog.  Able is a six-month old AKC German Shepherd male.  He has been neutered, is completely housebroken, lease trained, and is a good traveler that doesn’t get carsick.

Able is extraordinarily gentle and loving, as you can see in the pictures taken with many of the nursing home residents.  Dogs like Able are few and far between.  Able displays a demeanor of peacefulness and a willingness to please, which includes allowing anyone and everyone to love on him.

Able is ready to be a blessing to an individual or a family that is in need of his special qualities.  It has been my joy and privilege to train Able.  To have the next puppy I train to turn out as well as Able will be a blessing.

If you are searching for a special companion for yourself or a loved one, please contact us.

Update Abel Sold 1-13-10
Stephanie Tanner purchased Able for her son Carson who has CHARGE Syndrome.  Able was trained  at K-9 Kampus to alert Carson's parents if he got into a dangerous situation by barking then returning to stay with Carson until help arrived.  Additionally, he was trained to give a 30 minute notice of Carson or AJ having seizures.

AKC registered female
Black & tan
Date of Birth 12-16-08
Posted 10-7-08
Ziva is a Therapeutic/Hospice two-year old AKC German Shepherd female.  Papa Bill was placed on Hospice care in Dec. 2007 until he passed away on

Feb. 22, 2008.  Ziva faithfully laid by Papa’s recliner waiting for him to gain enough strength to place his hand on her head.  Ziva provided the last days of Papa’s life with great comfort and consolation.  At one time, he told Mama, “The minute my hand touched Ziva’s head, I felt the pain in my back flow out of me.”  

Ziva is one of a kind.  She is loving, gentle, and a blessing from God.  The Lord created Ziva with the ability to supply TLC for people in need.  I believe Ziva exists to provide tender affection for some special person, whether the person is recovering or facing death.  Ziva’s demeanor displays an inner peacefulness that is unexplainable.  Ziva is as beautiful on the inside as the out.  When you look into her extraordinary Maybelline eyes, it is like looking into the eyes of a doe. 

Ziva is completely housebroken, moves with the quietness of a cat, and lives to please.  Where you place her blanket, is where she lays.  She prefers her blanket to be placed next to the person whom needs her most.    

Deciding to sell Ziva was tough.  We are blessed to have her as part of our family.  However, if we were to keep her from providing soothing consolation to a person in need, we would cause Ziva to miss her true calling.

Ziva comes from a proven bloodline.  Her grandmother, Sara, lived with us from when she was six weeks old until she lost her battle with cancer five days before Papa Bill passed away.  Gunny, Sara’s son & Ziva’s uncle, was born in our barn in March 2001 and is big, healthy, beautiful, and totally devoted to my 80 year old mother.  

If you are searching for a special companion for a loved one, please contact Sharon Tidwell at (918) 490-0236.

Sharon Tidwell                         

DOB 1/3/07

I would love to give you an update (as a proud parent)!  I would probably update you more, but I don't want to overwhelm you as I'm sure you're very busy.

Chena is doing SO great.  When we see other puppies, I know we have it easy with her.  She learns amazingly fast and has an incredible temperment.  Of course it helps to already have a great big brother to learn from, but she's just an all around great dog.  I get compliments weekly (if not daily) about her.  She goes everywhere with us, the store, to work, to friend's houses...and she's just happy to be with her humans.  She loves water (which I'm very proud of since the older shepherd doesn't really like to swim), and finds all the tall grass to romp in.  She knows not a play with turtles and snakes, but follows her brother after rabbits and gophers.  In obediance class she's very good at her sit and down-stays even though we don't practice as much as we should.  She even was a great helper a couple weekends ago when we dug a garden in the yard, although she's a little confused now as to why mom doesn't want her in there!

I've attached some pictures of her...going from a couple early shots to the latest ones we've taken.  I have tons more, but I don't want to clog your mailbox!  Thank you so very much for a beautiful, healthy shepherd.  I will not hesitate to recommend you to any potential buyers.


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SOLD 10-16-08
Went to the a good home
in Pahrump, NV 10-17-08
7 weeks old
Butcher aka Blitz
Born 2-6-11
Sold 4-12-12
Thank you Brandon Marshall
Lockport, NY
Blitz at 1 Year old

Hey, an update on Blitz! He is currently a certified service dog.  We are doing K9 training where we will soon be certified as a K9 tracking team and a K9 cadaver search and rescue team! Once we are certified I will update you again. :)
                                                               Brandon 5-4-12

This page was last updated: June 6, 2018
Click here Hello Sharon. I bought a
dog from you in 2009 (Zain). Just wanted to say hi and inquire about available shepherds. Jake is now fully schutzhund and protection trained. He's still the light of our lives as well. Hard to believe its
3 years                                                                          Sincerely. Jeff
                             Jan 15, 2013

Flare is currently attending obedience training @ K-9 Manners and More.  At 9 months of age Flare weighs 95 pounds.

Flare is a most intelligent dog......learns quickly......has an excellent temperament .....Even the instructors....pair her with more difficult dogs, knowing that Flare will maintain her cool under pressure....... Flare is the best looking German Shepherd we have ever seen......... Her ears and tail are always up, and it is obvious that she is a well bred canine.

We love having her as part of our family and a companion for Lee Lee.......I also
appreciate that.....Flare will be home to protect my wife and daughter.  Her bark
alone is enough to intimidate most people.

Sharon, we want you to know how wonderful it is to have Flare in our lives. 
She has given us....unconditional love and companionship.  You have made
a big difference in our lives by being God's servan in providing these companions
for others.  You certainly made our lives much better, so we want you to know
that you ARE making a difference for others. 

We pray that the Lord will bless you and your family in many ways.

Sgt. Ed Ferguson            Broken Arrow Police Dept.       06/11/2014                    

DOB 08-24-13
"Jake" aka "Zain"
AKC Registered Male
Black &  Tan
Date of Birth 6-4-09
  Chris & Samantha Barnes chose to make Jens one of their           "kiddos" in Feb. 2013.  Jens resided in Edmond, OK with
  his loving parents, his younger sister, Vaus, and several
  very beautiful equine companions.  

  JENS has completed Obedience I, Obedience II and has             begun SAR (Search & Rescue training)
  Sammy writes...I wanted to share with you, we have
  started Jens on SAR (well the seach part of it), and he                 picked it up like it was his calling in life!!  I will have to
  send u a video! (have the video..need help to post it...dang it!!) 

  We have been going out every night and picking different             spots in the back pasture for him to come find one of us               with a piece of clothing....Everytime, so far, Jens has found
  us!  He is amazing to watch!!

  Miss and love you!
  You all forever changed our lives!  #blessed
  Sammy           07/14/2014

  JENS     DOB:  12/18/2012