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This page was last updated: September 20, 2019
Axe is taking a break from the heat.  He is good, he is weighs a little over 100 lbs.  He gets a ton of exercise and would probably weigh a lot more if not.  He has graduated all obedience levels and is in the second phase of protection classes.  He is a fully certified Service Dog with specialized certification as Security K9, for School Safety.  He will be fully certified by the end of the summer.                                               Shane Hodgins    Holdenville, OK     06/03/2018
        Brue           DOB:       09/10/14
Julia West and Brue are AWESOME!  "A boy and his dog" don't have a thing on these two Butte, MT beauties.  On July 29,  2018 beautiful, talented, and determined 10-years-old Julia and her intelligent and loving 3 years old AKC German Shepherd female, Brue, won Grand Champion Dog in Obedience and Showmanship at the Silver Bow Youth Leaders' Livestock & Project Show held on Tom Whelan's ranch.  FYI...Brue's commands were called out by Matt Matich, the judge of the event. 

Julia and Brue also won 1st place for Costume in a Dog Show, being appropriately dressed as a vet and her patient.  There is no limit to what Julia and Brue can achieve.  Her parents, Pete and Heidi, are tremendously proud of Julia and well they should be and as Rick and I are.  Congratulations!  Well done!  WhooHoo!

Updated:  07/29/18
DOB:   04/24/17
Updated:  06/03/18
Good Morning Sharon,
I hope everything is well with you and your family. Just wanted to send you an update on Ace since it was his 4th birthday yesterday! He is 95 lbs, healthy and wonderful as always, and still getting compliments on his appearance and behavior everywhere we go. His favorite things to do are ride in the truck and go exploring in the woods, both of which we do almost every day. I try to take him with me everywhere I can. He has met and played with countless dogs who’s owners have always been impressed with his intelligence and demeanor. He’s a true ambassador for the breed and has gotten many compliments for his friendly personality. It makes me proud to occasionally change someone’s perception about German shepherds and Ace does it often. I’ve attached a few pics here for you. Thank you again for everything, I really feel  like I have the best dog I could have asked for. Best Regards,                                          Alex Heroux   Leominster,MA   09/11/18            
         Ace           DOB:       09/10/14
  Updated:  09/11/18