Our oldest daughter, Baylee, playing with some of the German Shepherd Puppies.
Picture was taken in our front yard after a evening shower.
Our youngest daugther, Becky, graduating from Pre-K May 13, 2004
(5 years old)
Our oldest son, Chase, at a horse sale
May 17, 2004.
(6 yrs old)
Baylee, Chase & Becky
at the Oklahoma City Youth Expo
Our youngest son, Ty,
Born Nov. 30, 2004
Ty eatting his first pickle.
What a face!  That must really be sour.
Was that funny?

Ty's 1st Birthday
Chase - 1 year old 1999
The best toy in the world for a little boy is a box!
Ty - 1 year old
A box is still the best toy in the world for a little boy!
AHH! Something else every boy needs!  A puppy!
Baylee, Chase, Becky & Ty
Easter Sunday
March 27,2005
Baylee 11 years old 5-1-08 and her show heifer, Socks
Beautiful "Becky" Lou Lou
Ty boy
Baylee -14
Becky -11
Ty - 5
Chase - 12
The 1st day of school 2010
Proud Ty with his
Grand Champion Goat
Seminole Co Fair 2010
Easter Sunday 2010
The drive home from church
Bedlam Day
Little League
4 yrs old